Honda Pcx 160 Gear Oil Capacity

The Honda PCX 160 is an automatic transmission type motorcycle. which means, you must pay regular attention to 2 parts that must be oiled or lubricated. 
The first is engine oil. the second is transmission oil or gearbox oil. The gearbox is located in the rear cvt area near the rear wheel. 

Generally, gearbox oil has a longer life service than engine oil with a mantanance service ratio of 4:1. This means that you can change the gearbox oil once after 4 times changing the engine oil.
However, Honda officially recommends changing the gearbox oil every 2 years without mentioning the mileage of the motorcycle.  See the periodic maintenance schedule.
while for the PCX 160 gearbox oil capacity according to the owner’s manual is as follows:
Transmission Oil Capacity
After draining 0.12 L (120 ml) (0.13 US qt, 0.11 Imp qt)
After disassembly 0.14 L (140 ml) (0.15 US qt, 0.12 Imp qt)

Recomended gear oil

You can use HONDA OIL Synthetic Lubricant Specification for Scooter Transmission with viscosity  10w-30 API 8L, or other equivalent products
A special synthetic transmission (final gear) oil to maintain the performance of Honda motorcycle scooters. HONDA OIL scooter transmission synthetic lubricant uses synthetic base oil with the latest additive technology for Honda, making the lubricant has good oxidation stability, minimal evaporation, and is able to support maximum gear performance at cold or hot temperatures.

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