Yamaha YZ250 Coolant Capacity


A hot radiator is under pressure. Therefore, do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Scalding hot fluid and steam may be blown out, which could cause serious injury. When the engine has cooled, open the radiator cap as follows:

Place a thick rag or a towel over the radiator cap and slowly turn the radiator cap counterclockwise toward the detent to allow any residual pressure to escape. When the hissing sound has stopped, press down on the radiator cap and turn it counterclockwise to remove.

1.Place a container under the engine.


  • Coolant drain bolt “1”


  • Radiator cap

    Slowly loosen the radiator cap to drain coolant.

    When the radiator cap is loosened, coolant will gush out transversely; therefore, bring the container near to the outlet.

4.Thoroughly flush the cooling system with clean tap water.


  • Copper washer 

  • Coolant drain bolt

  • Coolant drain bolt torque

    10 N·m (1.0 kgf·m, 7.4 lb·ft)

6.Pour coolant.

  • Recommended coolant

    High quality ethylene glycol anti-freeze containing anti-corrosion for aluminum engine

  • Radiator (including all routes)

    1.20 L (1.27 US qt, 1.06 Imp.qt)

  • Coolant mixing ratio

    1:1 (Coolant:Water)

  • If coolant splashes in your eyes, thoroughly wash them with water and consult a doctor.

  • If coolant splashes on your clothes, quickly wash it away with water and then with soap and water.

  • If coolant is swallowed, induce vomiting and get immediate medical attention.

  • Adding water instead of coolant lowers the antifreeze content of the coolant. If water is used instead of coolant, check, and if necessary, correct the antifreeze concentration of the coolant.

  • Use only distilled water. However, if distilled water is not available, soft water may be used.

  • If coolant comes into contact with painted surfaces, immediately wash them with water.

  • Do not mix different types of antifreeze.


  • Radiator cap

8.Start the engine, warm this up for several minutes, stop it, and then wait for it to cool down.


  • Coolant level


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