Yamaha MT09 Recommended Fuel Specs

 Make sure there is sufficient gasoline in the tank. Gasoline and gasoline vapors are extremely flammable. To avoid fires and explosions and to reduce the risk of injury when refueling, follow these instructions. Before refueling, turn off the engine and be sure that no one is sitting on the vehicle. Never refuel while smoking, or … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Adjusting the shock absorber assembly

 This shock absorber assembly is equipped with a spring preload adjusting ring and a rebound damping force adjusting screw. To avoid damaging the mechanism, do not attempt to turn beyond the maximum or minimum settings. Spring preload Turn the adjusting ring in direction (a) to increase the spring preload. Turn the adjusting ring in direction … Read more

Yamaha MT09 brake fluid Specs

Before riding, check that the brake fluid is above the minimum level mark. Check the brake fluid level with the top of the reservoir level. Replenish the brake fluid if necessary. Front brake Minimum level mark Rear brake Minimum level mark Specified brake fluid: DOT 4 Improper maintenance can result in loss of braking ability. … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Clutch lever free play And Adjusting

 Measure the clutch lever free play as shown. Clutch lever free play adjusting bolt Clutch lever free play Clutch lever free play: 10.0–15.0 mm (0.39–0.59 in) Periodically check the clutch lever free play and, if necessary, adjust it as follows. To increase the clutch lever free play, turn the clutch lever free play adjusting bolt … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Tire air pressure and Specs Stock Size

image (https://www.instagram.com/4cilindros_ofc/) Tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road. Safety in all conditions of riding depends on a relatively small area of road contact. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the tires in good condition at all times and replace them at the appropriate time with the specified tires. Tire air … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Coolant Capacity and Specs

The coolant level should be checked regularly. In addition, the coolant must be changed at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance chart. Recommended coolant: YAMALUBE coolant Coolant quantity: Coolant reservoir (max level mark): 0.28 L (0.30 US qt, 0.25 Imp.qt) Radiator (including all routes): 1.72 L (1.82 US qt, 1.51 Imp.qt) If genuine Yamaha coolant is … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Engine Oil Capacity and Specs

 Engine oil Recommended brand: SAE viscosity grades: 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-40, 20W-40 or 20W-50 Recommended engine oil grade: API service SG type or higher, JASO standard MA Engine oil quantity: Oil change: 2.80 L (2.96 US qt, 2.46 Imp.qt) With oil filter removal: 3.20 L (3.38 US qt, 2.82 Imp.qt) The engine oil level should be checked regularly. … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Canister Engine Function For

Canister Canister breather Fuel tank overflow hose This model is equipped with a canister to prevent the discharging of fuel vapor into the atmosphere. Before operating this vehicle, make sure to check the following: Check each hose connection. Check each hose and canister for cracks or damage. Replace if damaged. Make sure that the canister … Read more

Yamaha MT09 Spark Plugs Specs Gap and Torque

The spark plugs are important engine components, which should be checked periodically, preferably by a Yamaha dealer. Since heat and deposits will cause any spark plug to slowly erode, they should be removed and checked in accordance with the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart. In addition, the condition of the spark plugs can reveal the … Read more

Yamaha MT09 2022 Maintenance Schedule

Image from https://www.instagram.com/febong_/ Here is the Yamaha MT09 2022 Periodic maintenance chart for the emission control system ITs mean the parts that conected to the engine that u have to check and maintenance No. ITEM ROUTINE INITIAL ODOMETER READINGS 600 mi(1000 km)or1 month 4000 mi(7000 km)or6 months 8000 mi(13000 km)or12 months 12000 mi(19000 km)or18 months 16000 mi(25000 km)or24 … Read more