April 13, 2024

 This shock absorber assembly is equipped with a spring preload adjusting ring and a rebound damping force adjusting screw.

To avoid damaging the mechanism, do not attempt to turn beyond the maximum or minimum settings.

Spring preload

Turn the adjusting ring in direction (a) to increase the spring preload.

Turn the adjusting ring in direction (b) to decrease the spring preload.

Align the appropriate notch in the adjusting ring with the position indicator on the shock absorber.

  1. Spring preload adjusting ring
  2. Extension bar
  3. Special wrench
  4. Position indicator

Use the special wrench and extension bar in the tool kit to make this adjustment.

Spring preload setting:
Minimum (soft):
Maximum (hard):
Rebound damping force

Turn the adjusting screw in direction (a) to increase the rebound damping force.

Turn the adjusting screw in direction (b) to decrease the rebound damping force.

To set the rebound damping force, turn the adjuster in direction (a) until it stops, and then count the turns in direction (b).

  1. Rebound damping force adjusting screw
Rebound damping setting:
Minimum (soft):
2 1/2 turn(s) in direction (b)
1 turn(s) in direction (b)
Maximum (hard):
0 turn(s) in direction (b)

When turning the damping force adjuster in direction (b), it may turn beyond the stated specifications, however such adjustments are ineffective and may damage the suspension.

This shock absorber assembly contains highly pressurized nitrogen gas. Read and understand the following information before handling the shock absorber assembly.

  • Do not tamper with or attempt to open the cylinder assembly.
  • Do not subject the shock absorber assembly to an open flame or other high heat source. This may cause the unit to explode due to excessive gas pressure.
  • Do not deform or damage the cylinder in any way. Cylinder damage will result in poor damping performance.
  • Do not dispose of a damaged or worn-out shock absorber assembly yourself. Take the shock absorber assembly to a Yamaha dealer for any service.

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