After a break-in, perform careful maintenance to get ready for the next practice or race.



1.For the engine

  • Leaks around the engine

    Check for pressure leaks from the cylinder head or the cylinder, oil leaks from the crankcase or the case cover, leaks from the coolant system, and other leaks.

  • Check that the valve, the cylinder head, the cylinder, the piston, and the piston ring fit one another, and that contact between the valve and the cylinder head, and that between the cylinder and the piston are correct.

  • Engine oil change

    Drain the oil, and check for dirt and foreign materials such as metal chips. (If any foreign material is mixed, disassemble and check the crankcase.)

    Pour the specified amount of the recommended oil.

  • Generator

    Check for looseness in mounted areas of the generator rotor and the stator coil assembly.

    Check that the connector is not being disconnected.

  • Silencer

    Check the main body and stay for cracks. Check for leaks.

  • Mounting bolts and nuts

    Check for looseness in mounted areas of parts, as well as engine mounting bolts and engine brackets.

2.For the chassis

  • Check welds and mounted areas of the frame, the swingarm, the link, the bracket, and so on, for looseness and cracks.

  • Wheel(s)

    Check the wheel for runout. Check the spoke for looseness.

  • Brake(s)

    Check the brake disc mounting bolt for looseness.

    Check that the reservoir contains the specified amount of brake fluid. Check for leaks.

  • Cable

    Grease and adjust cables.

  • Drive chain

    Lubricate the drive chain and adjust its tension.

  • Fuel tank

    Clean the inside of the fuel tank. Check for leaks.

  • Suspension

    Check for oil leaks in the front fork or the rear shock absorber. Check that the mounted conditions are good.

  • Sprocket

    Check for looseness in the sprocket mounted on the rear wheel.

  • Mounting bolts and nuts

    Check mounted areas for looseness.

After a break-in or before each race, always check the points shown in “TORQUE-CHECK POINTS” for tightening torques and retighten them.

  • Greasing and oiling

    Always grease or oil the specified points.


Apply the Yamaha foam air filter oil or other quality foam air filter oil to the element. (Excess oil in the element may adversely affect engine starting.) Refer to CLEANING THE AIR FILTER ELEMENT.

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