May 20, 2024

 The ignition circuit cut-off system will enable starting when:

  • the transmission is in the neutral position or
  • the transmission is in gear, the sidestand is up, and the clutch lever is pulled.
To start the engine
  1. Turn the main switch on and set the engine stop switch to the run position.

  2. Confirm the indicator and warning light(s) come on for a few seconds, and then go off. 

    • Do not start the engine if the engine trouble warning light remains on.
    • The oil pressure and coolant temperature warning light should come on and stay on until the engine is started.
    • The ABS warning light should come on and stay on until the vehicle reaches a speed of 10 km/h (6 mi/h).

    If a warning or indicator light does not work as described above, have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle.

  3. Shift the transmission into the neutral position.

  4. Start the engine by pushing the start switch.

  5. Release the start switch when the engine starts, or after 5 seconds. Wait 10 seconds before pressing the switch again to allow battery voltage to restore.

For maximum engine life, never accelerate hard when the engine is cold!

This model is equipped with:

  • an inertial measurement unit (IMU). This unit stops the engine in case of a turnover. Turn the main switch off and then on before attempting to restart the engine. Failing to do so will prevent the engine from starting even though the engine will crank when pushing the start switch.
  • an engine auto-stop system. The engine stops automatically if left idling for 20 minutes. If the engine stops, simply push the start switch to restart the engine.

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