March 1, 2024

The Yamaha Smax 155 is an automatic motorbike produced by Yamaha from 2015 to 2022. The Yamaha Smax has an engine with a combustion chamber capacity of 155 cc. Similar to yamaha aerox and yamaha Nmax engines. 

The following is information about the yamaha Nmax engine oil capacity. This information is accurate based on reference from the official yamaha Smax manual book.

Engine oil: Recommended brand: SAE viscosity grades: 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-40, 20W-40 or 20W-50

Recommended engine oil grade: API service SG type or higher, JASO standard MA or MB

Engine oil quantity: Periodic oil change: 0.95 L (1.00 US qt, 0.84 Imp.qt)

Engine oil and oil strainer 

The engine oil level should be checked before each ride. In addition, the oil must be changed and the oil strainer cleaned at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart. 

To check the engine oil level 

1. Place the scooter on the centerstand. A slight tilt to the side can result in a false reading. 

2. Start the engine, warm it up for several minutes, and then turn it off. 

3. Wait a few minutes until the oil settles, remove the oil filler cap, wipe the dipstick clean, insert it back into the oil filler hole (without screwing it in), and then remove it again to check the oil level.

1. Engine oil filler cap 2. Minimum level mark 3. Maximum level mark

4. If the engine oil is below the minimum level mark, add sufficient oil of the recommended type to raise it to the correct level.

5. Insert the dipstick into the oil filler hole, and then tighten the oil filler cap.

Recommended Engine Oil

Why Yamalube 

YAMALUBE oil is a Genuine YAMAHA Part born of the engineers’ passion and belief that engine oil is an important liquid engine component. We form teams of specialists in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemistry, electronics and track testing, and have them develop the engine together with the oil it will use. Yamalube oils take full advantage of the base oil’s qualities and blend in the ideal balance of additives to make sure the final oil clears our performance standards. Thus, Yamalube mineral, semisynthetic and synthetic oils have their own distinct characters and value. Yamaha’s experience gained over many years of research and development into oil since the 1960’s helps make Yamalube the best choice for your Yamaha engine.

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