Yamaha 2023 XSR900 Settings MENU



The settings MENU screen contains the following settings modules. Select a module to make related settings changes.

Module Description
“Exit” Exit MENU and return the main display
“Display Setting” Switch lap time mode on/off and adjust the tachometer color
“Manual TCS Setting” Adjust traction control system/SCS/LIF settings for the “TCS-MODE M”
“Vehicle Setting” Adjust BC/quick shifter settings
“Shift Indicator” Turn the shift indicator on/off and adjust tachometer settings
“Maintenance” View and reset maintenance intervals
“Unit” Set fuel consumption and measurement units
“Brightness” Adjust screen brightness
“Clock” Adjust the clock
“All Reset” Return all settings to factory default
Settings MENU access and operation

How to use the settings MENU:

Rotate the wheel switch up or down to highlight items or increase/decrease values and briefly press the wheel switch inward to confirm the selection.

Press and hold the wheel switch until the screen returns to the main display to exit the MENU at any time.

  • Certain settings menu screens have an upward pointing triangle mark item. Select the triangle mark to save settings changes and exit the current screen.
  • Should vehicle motion be detected, the screen will automatically exit the settings MENU and return to the main display.
  • To ensure that the desired settings changes are saved, be sure to exit each menu via the triangle mark (if displayed). Exiting the settings menu by pressing and holding the wheel switch may not save settings changes.
“Display Setting”

This module allows you to switch the lap time mode and tachometer color mode ON/OFF.

When the lap time mode is selected, the twin vehicle information displays on the main screen will display a lap timer and a lap counter. To exit the lap time mode, the turn lap timer OFF in the display setting module.

To change the tachometer to color mode, select ON.

“Manual TCS Setting”

This module allows you to customize the “TCS-MODE M” which is accessible on the main display using the MODE switches.

Traction control system
  1. This model uses a variable traction control system. For each setting level, the further the vehicle is leaned over, the greater the amount of traction control (system intervention) is applied.

    There are 3 setting levels available for the “TCS-MODE M”.

    Setting level 1 applies the least amount of overall system intervention, while setting level 3 applies the greatest amount of overall traction control.

    • The traction control system can only be turned on or off via the main screen using the MODE switches.
    • SCS and LIF can be turned off independently of traction control system for “TCS-MODE M”.
    • When “TCS-MODE” has been set to “OFF” on the main screen: traction control system, SCS and LIF are all turned off together.
  1. SCS can be set to OFF, 1, 2, and 3.

    OFF turns the slide control system off, setting level 1 provides the least amount of system intervention, and setting level 3 provides the greatest amount of system intervention.

  1. LIF can be set to OFF, 1, 2, and 3.

    Setting level 1 provides the least amount of system intervention and setting 3 most strongly reduces the rate of wheel lift.

    OFF turns LIF off.

“Vehicle Setting”

The vehicle setting module allows you to adjust setting for the BC and quick shifter.

  1. ZAU0P913.png

    The brake control system has two settings, BC1 and BC2. Select BC1 when only standard ABS is desired. Select BC2 to have the brake control system further regulate brake pressure while cornering to suppress lateral wheel slip.

    For skilled riders and when riding at the track, due to varying conditions, the BC2 brake system may engage sooner than expected relative to your desired cornering speed or intended cornering line.

Quick shifter
  1. ZAU0P914.png

    The quick shifter indicators are divided into QSSBL00831.png and QSSBL00830.png sections. QSSBL00831.png and QSSBL00830.png are not linked and can be independently turned on or off.

    The quick shifter can be set to ON or OFF.

    OFF turns the respective upshift or downshift function off, and the clutch lever must then be used when shifting in that direction.

    If the quick shifter setting cannot be changed: turn the engine off with the gear position set to neutral, then change the setting.

“Shift Indicator”

This module allows a custom shift indicator to be set. When the engine r/min (rotations per minute) are in the specified range, the gear indicator will flash.

This module has 3 options:

“IND Mode” – the shift indicator can be turned ON/OFF

“IND Start” – the r/min at which the indicator starts flashing can be chosen. Once selected, rotate the wheel switch up/down to increase or decrease the r/min value by increments of 200 r/min. “IND Start” is settable between 6000 – 12800 r/min.

“IND Stop” – the r/min at which the indicator stops flashing can be chosen. Once selected, rotate the wheel switch up/down to increase or decrease the r/min value by increments of 200 r/min. “IND Stop” is settable between 6200 – 13000 r/min.


This module allows you to record the distance traveled between engine oil changes (use the OIL item), and for two other items of your choice (use INTERVAL 1 and INTERVAL 2).

To reset a maintenance trip meter, select it and then press and hold the wheel switch.

Maintenance item names cannot be changed.


This module allows you to switch the display between metric and imperial measurement units.

When using kilometers, the fuel consumption units can be changed between “km/L” or “L/100km”. When using miles, MPG will be available.

Temperature units can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


This module allows you to adjust the general brightness level of the display screen.

Select the desired brightness level by rotating the wheel switch, and then press the wheel switch to fix the setting and return to the top MENU screen.


This module allows you to set the clock.

When the clock module is selected, the hours will be highlighted.

Set the hours by rotating the wheel switch. Press the wheel switch inward to confirm and highlight the minutes.

After confirming the minutes, you will be returned to the top MENU screen.

“All Reset”

This module resets all settings items (except the odometer and clock) to their default or factory presets.

Select YES to reset all items. After selecting YES, all items will be reset and the screen will automatically return to the top MENU screen.

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