Yamaha 2023 XSR900 Engine oil Capacity and recommended

 The engine oil level should be checked regularly. In addition, the oil must be changed and the oil filter cartridge replaced at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance chart.

Recommended engine oil:
See page .
Oil quantity:
Oil change:
2.80 L (2.96 US qt, 2.46 Imp.qt)
With oil filter removal:
3.20 L (3.38 US qt, 2.82 Imp.qt)
  • In order to prevent clutch slippage (since the engine oil also lubricates the clutch), do not mix any chemical additives. Do not use oils with a diesel specification of “CD” or oils of a higher quality than specified. In addition, do not use oils labeled “ENERGY CONSERVING II” or higher.
  • Make sure that no foreign material enters the crankcase.
To check the engine oil level
  1. After warming up the engine, wait a few minutes for the oil level to settle for an accurate reading.

  2. With the vehicle on a level surface, hold it upright for an accurate reading.

  3. Look at the check window located at the bottom-right side of the crankcase.


    1. Engine oil filler cap
    2. Engine oil level check window
    3. Maximum level mark
    4. Minimum level mark

    The engine oil should be between the minimum and maximum level marks.

  4. If the engine oil is at or below the minimum level mark, remove the oil filler cap and add oil.

  5. Check the engine oil filler cap O-ring. Replace if damaged.


    1. Engine oil filler cap
    2. O-ring
  6. Install the engine oil filler cap.

To change the engine oil (and filter)
  1. Start the engine and allow it to idle for a few minutes to warm up the oil, and then stop the engine.

  2. Place an oil pan under the engine to collect the used oil.

  3. Remove the engine oil filler cap, and then the engine oil drain bolt and gasket.


    1. Engine oil drain bolt
    2. Gasket

    Skip steps 4–6 if the oil filter cartridge is not being replaced.

  4. Remove the oil filter cartridge with an oil filter wrench.


    1. Oil filter wrench
    2. Oil filter cartridge

    An oil filter wrench is available at a Yamaha dealer.

  5. Apply a thin coat of clean engine oil to the O-ring of the new oil filter cartridge.


    1. O-ring

    Make sure that the O-ring is properly seated.

  6. Install the new oil filter cartridge, and then tighten to the specified torque.


    1. Torque wrench
    Tightening torque:
    Oil filter cartridge:
    17 N·m (1.7 kgf·m, 13 lb·ft)
  7. Install the engine oil drain bolt with a new gasket, and then tighten the bolt to the specified torque.

    Tightening torque:
    Engine oil drain bolt:
    43 N·m (4.3 kgf·m, 32 lb·ft)
  8. Pour the specified amount of the recommended oil into the crankcase.

    Using a funnel is recommended.

  9. After checking the engine oil filler cap O-ring, install the filler cap.

    Wipe off any spilled oil before starting the engine.

  10. Start the engine and let it idle while checking for oil leaks.

    If any oil leaks are found which you cannot fix, have the vehicle inspected.

  11. Stop the engine, wait a few minutes for the oil level to settle, and then check the oil level one last time. NOTICE: Do not operate the vehicle until you know that the engine oil level is sufficient.

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