February 27, 2024

 The main fuse, the ABS motor fuse, and fuse box 1 are located under the rider seat. 


  1. Main fuse
  2. ABS motor fuse
  3. Starter relay cover
  4. ABS motor spare fuse

  1. Fuse box 1
  2. ABS solenoid fuse
  3. Fuel injection system fuse
  4. Electronic throttle valve fuse
  5. Backup fuse (for clock and ECU)
  6. Sub radiator fan motor fuse
  7. Radiator fan motor fuse
  8. Spare fuse
To access the main fuse and the ABS motor fuse
  1. Remove the passenger seat and rider seat. 

  2. Remove the battery cover by removing the bolts.


    1. Battery cover
    2. Bolt
  3. Remove the panel by removing the quick fastener screws.


    1. Quick fastener screw
    2. Panel

    To access the ABS motor fuse, remove the starter relay cover by pulling it upward.

Fuse box 2 is located under panel A. 


  1. Fuse box 2
  2. Terminal fuse 1 (for auxiliary DC connector)
  3. Headlight fuse
  4. Hazard fuse
  5. ABS ECU fuse
  6. Signaling system fuse
  7. Ignition fuse
  8. Spare fuse
  9. SCU fuse (YZF-R1M)

If a fuse is blown, replace it as follows.

  1. Turn the key to “OFF” and turn off the electrical circuit in question.

  2. Remove the blown fuse, and then install a new fuse of the specified amperage. WARNING! Do not use a fuse of a higher amperage rating than recommended to avoid causing extensive damage to the electrical system and possibly a fire.

    Specified fuses:
    Main fuse:
    50.0 A
    Terminal fuse 1:
    2.0 A
    Headlight fuse:
    7.5 A
    Signaling system fuse:
    7.5 A
    Ignition fuse:
    15.0 A
    Radiator fan motor fuse:
    15.0 A
    Sub radiator fan motor fuse:
    10.0 A
    ABS motor fuse:
    30.0 A
    Hazard fuse:
    7.5 A
    ABS ECU fuse:
    7.5 A
    ABS solenoid fuse:
    15.0 A
    SCU fuse:
    7.5 A (YZFR1MP, YZFR1MPC)
    Fuel injection system fuse:
    15.0 A
    Backup fuse:
    7.5 A
    Electronic throttle valve fuse:
    7.5 A
  3. Turn the key to “ON” and turn on the electrical circuit in question to check if the device operates.

  4. If the fuse immediately blows again, have a Yamaha dealer check the electrical system.

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