April 18, 2024

 The CCU (communication control unit) connects to the vehicle’s CAN (controller area network) and has a GPS receiver to enable the recording of vehicle and riding data (see “Logging” on page ). Logging data and YRC setting data can be accessed when a smartphone or tablet is connected to the CCU wireless network.

From the Google© or Apple© application store, download the “Y-TRAC” application to make use of the logging data and the “YRC Setting” application to remotely adjust the YRC settings.

To connect to the CCU wireless network
  1. Remove the screws, move the GPS receiver, and then remove the seat cover as shown.


    1. Screw
    2. Seat cover
    3. GPS receiver
  2. Note down the CCU serial number.


    1. CCU serial number
  3. Turn the key to “ON” and approach the vehicle with a wireless capable smartphone or tablet.

  4. Connect to the wireless network “YAMAHA MOTOR CCU” by inputting the CCU serial number as the password.

  5. Install the seat cover and GPS receiver to the original position, and then install the screws.

    Since all CCU-equipped models put out a similarly named wireless network, have only one vehicle turned on at a time to avoid confusion.

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