Yamaha YZ250 Maintenance Schedule Intervals



  • After a break-in or before each race, always check the points shown in “TORQUE-CHECK POINTS” for tightening torques and retighten them.

  • Periodic inspection is essential in making full use of the machine performance. The life of parts varies significantly according to the environment in which the machine runs (e.g., rain, dirt, etc.). Therefore, earlier inspection is required by reference to the list below.

Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and technical skills.

No. Item Routine After break-in Every race (about 2.5 hours) Every third race (about 7.5 hours) Every fifth race (about 12.5 hours) As required
1 Piston Check piston for carbon deposits and cracks or damage.
2 Piston rings Check piston ring end gap and rings for damage.
3 Piston pin and small end bearing Check piston pin and small end bearing for damage.
4 Cylinder head Check cylinder head for carbon deposits.
Check cylinder head gasket for damage.
Tighten cylinder head nuts if necessary.
Replace cylinder head gasket.
5 Cylinder Check cylinder for score marks or wear.
6 YPVS Check YPVS for carbon deposits and cracks or damage.
7 Clutch Check clutch housing, friction plates, clutch plates and clutch springs for wear or damage.
8 Transmission Change the transmission oil.
Check transmission for damage.
Replace bearings.
9 Shift forks, guide bars, shift cam Check all parts for wear and damage.
Replace if necessary.
10 Rotor nut (flywheel magneto) Tighten.
11 Kickstarter system Check idle gear for damage.
Replace if necessary.
12 Exhaust system Check exhaust pipe and muffler for carbon deposits.
13 Crankshaft Check crankshaft for carbon deposits and damage.
14 Carburetor Check carburetor settings and for obstructions.
Adjust and clean.
15 Spark plug Check condition.
Clean and regap.
16 Drive chain Check chain slack, alignment and condition.
Adjust and thoroughly lubricate chain with Yamaha chain and cable lube or equivalent.
17 Cooling system Check coolant level and for leakage.
Check hoses for cracks or damage.
Check radiator cap spring operation.
Change coolant. Every 2 years
18 Chassis fasteners Check all chassis fitting and fasteners.
Correct or tighten if necessary.
19 Air filter element Clean.
20 Frame Clean and check for damage.
21 Fuel line Clean and check for leakage.
22 Brakes Adjust lever position and pedal position.
Lubricate pivot points.
Check brake disk surface.
Check fluid level and for leakage.
Tighten brake disk bolts, caliper bolts, master cylinder bolts and union bolts.
Replace brake pads.
Replace brake fluid. Every year
23 Front fork Check operation and for oil leakage.
Adjust if necessary.
Clean dust seal and lubricate with lithium-soap-based grease.
Replace fork oil.
Replace oil seals.
Replace protector seal.
24 Shock absorber assembly Check operation and adjust.
Tighten if necessary.
Lubricate with lithium-soap-based grease.
(After washing the motorcycle or riding in the rain)
25 Drive chain roller and support guide Check for wear or damage.
Replace if necessary.
26 Rear suspension Check operation and tighten if necessary.
Lubricate with molybdenum disulfide grease.
27 Swingarm pivot bearings Check bearing assemblies for looseness.
Lubricate with molybdenum disulfide grease.
28 Steering head Check operation, free play, and tighten if necessary.
Clean and lubricate with lithium-soap-based grease.
Replace bearings.
29 Tires and wheels Check tire air pressure, wheel runout, spokes for looseness, and tires for wear.
Tighten sprocket bolts if necessary.
Check wheel bearings for looseness.
Lubricate wheel bearings with lithium-soap-based grease.
Replace wheel bearings.
30 Moving parts and cables Lubricate.
31 Throttle grip Check operation.
Check throttle grip free play, and adjust if necessary.
Lubricate cable and grip housing.

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