May 25, 2024

Before handling fuses, see “Inspecting andReplacing Fuses.”


Main fuse A 25 A
Main fuse B 15 A
Other fuse PCX150A : 15 A, 7.5 A, 2 A
PCX150 : 7.5 A, 2 A

Honda PCX150 (non abs) Fuses

Honda PCX150A (ABS) fuses

Fuse Box Fuses

  1. Remove the battery cover. 
  2. Open the fuse box cover. 
  3. Pull the main fuse and other fuses out one by one with the fuse puller located inside of the fuse box cover. Check for a blown fuse. Always replace a blown fuse with a spare fuse of the same rating. 
  4. Install the fuse box cover.
  5. Install the battery cover.

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