May 25, 2024

This section includes instructions on how to perform some important maintenance tasks. If you have basic mechanical skills, you can perform many of these tasks with the tools provided with your motorcycle.

  1. At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here.
  2. Service more frequently if the motorcycle is ridden in unusually wet or dusty areas.
  3. California type only.
  4. Replace every 2 years, or at indicated odometer interval, whichever comes first. Replacement requires mechanical skill.
Maintenance Procedures:
  • I: inspect and clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace, if necessary
  • C: clean
  • A: adjust
  • L: lubricate
  • R: replace

*Should be serviced by your Honda dealer, unless you have the proper tools and service data and are mechanically qualified.

**In the interest of safety, we recommend these items be serviced only by your Honda dealer.
The service manual schedule above is taken directly from the official Honda CBR600RR manual book by screenshot. Theres list of some fast moving parts that should be your attention such as: 
  • ENGINE OIL FILTER that you must replace in the first 1000km. then replace in every 12.8km. 
  • SPARK PLUGS check EVERY 16,000 mi (25,600 km) and then replace EVERY 32,000 mi (51,200 km). 
  • VALVE CLEARANCE check and set up every 16 miles (25km).
  • RADIATOR COOLANT chek every 8 miles then replace when 24 miles
  • ENGINE OIL that mast be replace or change in every 8,000 mi (12,800 km) or 12 months
to see a more complete list of parts you can refer to the table above

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